Features and UI designs are here!

Read the details about the features of Check below and take a peek at the screenshots! Please make sure you are following this blog to stay updated on the progression of the app. Expect an article about Check’s niche market coming soon!


  • A feed of recent reviews made in your area
  • Reviews are sorted by up/down votes
  • Vote on reviews that you agree or disagree
  • Filter reviews by the type of interaction:
    • Services: Craigslist, Uber, Amazon, etc.
    • Professional: Colleagues, classmates, etc.
    • Social: Tinder, friends, etc.


  • By Name
    • Search for other users by their name to read and write reviews about them
    • Search feature uses:
      • Employers learning more about possible employees
      • Professionals expanding their network or rating business interactions
      • Individuals using other online services or social networking
    • Nearby
      • View other users within a certain mile radius around you
      • Nearby feature uses:
        • Quickly connect with others near you
        • Meet new people near you with similar professional interests


  • A user’s Check Score is calculated from 3 metrics:
    • Anonymous 5 star ratings
    • Public ratings and reviews (weighted the most)
    • Other app activity including writing reviews of other users and voting on reviews in the area
  • Users are able to reply to reviews made about them
  • Reviews that are consistently down voted will be removed

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Introducing Check

In the era of mass social media and web based communication it is becoming increasingly difficult to know exactly who you are dealing with on the other side of the screen or across the table. Check offers a solution by enabling employers and people to read and write reviews about others. It offers professionals the ability to quickly gain insight into the reputation of potential employees or colleagues while also enabling people to quickly find out vital information about who they’re interacting with, making things like Craigslist transactions much more safe and secure. Moreover, you can even use it to find out a little more about that Tinder date you met at the bar before going home with them. Check aims to provide you with all the necessary information to safely and professionally interact with people through technology.

Full description of features coming soon! In the mean time check out our sample UI designs below.